About me and my approach to relationship counselling

Struggling to love and be loved can take us to the very edge of our hopes and fears. As someone once said, ‘’we are born out of relationship, are wounded in relationship and we can heal through relationship’’.

I know how difficult being part of a couple can be.  For many years I’ve worked alongside couples working through relationship difficulties and I have found my own search to be an intimate partner the most challenging and rewarding experience of a lifetime.

I hold an MSc in Marriage and Family Therapy.  I've completed post graduate specialist training in counselling couples at The Center for Gender Psychology in London.   My approach to relationship counselling reflects a cutting edge approach and philosophy, that many individuals and couples find supportive and empowering.

 What I offer can help couples:

  • to understand that what looks and feels like the end of love, is often the ending of a relationship phase, not the relationship itself

  • to make sense of relationship difficulties and negative patterns and move through and beyond them

  • to learn to love in a new way that can change and grow as each partner changes and grows

Get in touch if you'd like to discuss your situation and how counselling can help.

Gary Schuller MSc - Ealing Relationship Counsellor

Gary Schuller MSc - Ealing Relationship Counsellor