If you are in a relationship and are looking for support and guidance on issues between you and your partner, you may find couples counselling to be the most effective way of addressing your relationship issues.   Think of a relationship as a dance and the way you and your partner interact as steps in that dance.  If the steps aren't helping the dance flow and you are 'stepping on each others toes' you need to find new steps that work for both of you.  The best way to discover those new steps is to explore your options together.

However there are times when you may prefer to explore relationship issues through individual counselling.  It may be that at this time your partner is not ready to begin counselling and you want to find ways you as an individual can meet the challenges of your relationship. 

You may not be in a relationship at present but want to have time to reflect on past relationships and how your experiences from the past are effecting the way you feel about relationships and your willingness to enter into new relationships.

You may be grieving the loss of an intimate relationship and need the support of a professional counsellor to help you understand and manage all the feelings you are experiencing around that loss.

Individual counselling can be a rich and rewarding experience where you are able to explore your thoughts and feelings in a supportive and caring environment.

I can’t find enough words to explain the benefit to my life that your counselling brought and I will always be grateful for the way you helped to clarify the negative situations which surrounded our family.